Monday, June 24, 2013

Nearing the end!

As with previous posts, it has been some time since my last one!  But, I have been making solid progress.  This post will be short on the words and heavy on the pictures.  To quickly summarize, I have completed stripping of the deck, sanding, fiber-glassing/epoxying, building the cockpit and cutting the hatches.
I have yet to epoxy the inside of the deck, join it with the hull, varnish the entire outside, then launch.  Ok, maybe there are a few other minor details in there but those are the major steps.

My 3M product usage count is now up to 21.  I added a 1/2 face respirator, organic vapor cartridges,  a Bondo scraping tool and a tack cloth.  I've got plans for at least 4 more products and when I am all complete, I will publish the entire list.

Enjoy! The next post should be soon and will include some launch pictures.
First strips of the deck

The completed deck
The cockpit cutout and recess
Completed Combing

Glassed Hull
Glassed Deck

The rear hatch cutout

Front hatch cut out with gasket recess

Building the combing lip.  Yes, I did use every clamp in my shop!

I will add some cheek plates to the inside of the cockpit, then I'll get it all 'glassed.  I can then join the deck and hull, add the bulkheads, some gaskets on the hatches along with their hold downs, varnish it, then launch.

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